It is difficult to name the gradation by age to introduce it into the curriculum at school

The next message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, as announced by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, has become “special in content.” 

Not only journalists, but also members of political parties, heads of ministries and departments, on the eve of this program event, expressed the hope that their wishes would be heard and voiced as priority areas of development for 2017. 

“There will be certain guidelines, accents will be highlighted,” said Irina Rodnina, a State Duma deputy and a member of the United Russia party. – We hope that the President will pay attention to the development of education in Russia, and this will apply not only to schools. It seems to me that good changes are taking place in the area of ​​education. Centers are being created for talented children who have shown themselves not only in the field of creativity or sports, but also in science and technology. Sirius’s example is very indicative in this respect, and therefore it is important to be repeated in the regions. It is impossible to gather all talented children in one “Sirius”, our country is talented. ” 

It should be noted that the head of state drew attention to the work of the center for gifted children “Sirius” in his speech: “As the educational center for talented children“ Sirius ”has already declared itself a successful one. I think that we need a whole constellation of such sites, and I would recommend that the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation think about the formation of centers for supporting gifted children on the basis of the best universities and schools in the regions, ”Putin stressed.

Other participants in the event also spoke about the fact that the head of state will separately dwell on the issues of additional education. 

“The President always pays attention to issues of additional education, the development of physical culture and sports, since education is one of the important support points in the upbringing of a person,” said hockey player Vladislav Tretyak, a member of the United Russia party, before Putin’s speech. 

“Our entire education system should be based on a fundamental principle: every child, teenager is gifted, able to succeed in science, and in creativity, and in sports, in profession and in life. Revealing his talents is our task with you. This is Russia’s success ”, – this thesis became one of the programmatic statements of the new appeal of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly.

Another important topic and one expectation from Putin’s speech is the discussion of the development of the country’s cultural heritage. 

“The spiritual state of society depends on its spiritual culture, so I very much hope that the President in his message will note the importance of culture in the development of our state,” Deputy Iosif Kobzon emphasized. 

This issue, according to the head of state, is also in the center of attention: “The meaning of our entire policy is saving people, increasing human capital as the main wealth of Russia. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at supporting traditional values ​​and families, at demographic programs, improving the environment, human health, developing education and culture. “

The President stressed that it is necessary to draw the attention of young people to Russian literature, culture and history – this requires projects in theater, cinema, television, museum sites, and the Internet.

Recall that a number of programmatic theses related to the development of the Russian education system and upbringing of the younger generation were voiced in the President’s address to the Federal Assembly: “It is unacceptable to drag schisms, anger, resentment and bitterness of the past into our life today, to speculate on tragedies in our own political and other interests, which touched almost every family in Russia, no matter on which side of the barricades our ancestors were then. Let us remember that we are one people, we are one people, and we have one Russia ”.

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st. In Russia this year, from November 28 to December 4, the action “Stop HIV / AIDS” is being held, which is aimed at spiritual and moral education and enlightenment of young people. The goal of the action is to inform about the ways and mechanisms of HIV transmission and methods of treatment.

The editorial staff of the Russian Education portal spoke with Denis Godlevsky, public relations specialist of the AIDS Relief Fund in Russia, and learned about the current situation.

How do you feel about such actions? Is it a necessity? Should I do them more often?

If we want to achieve a stable response to the epidemic in a country that is blazing blue fire, and a stable effect of reducing the number of new infections, as well as increasing the coverage of treatment for those people who need it, then we need to move from actions and campaigns to full-fledged long-term strategic programs for state level. 

Such programs should include work with schools, work with secondary educational institutions, higher educational institutions, work in the media. Not only twice a year, but constantly, this topic should be raised.

It is necessary to remove the fear of people living with HIV, who are still considered lepers. It is necessary to convey to people the idea that HIV infection affects everyone and, first of all, those who think that it has nothing to do with them. Every person should be tested for HIV once a year, even if he thinks that he does not belong to the risk group. This is a normal habit.

It is good that such an action is being held for the second time, and the Svetlana Medvedeva Foundation has drawn attention to this. I would like to wish those who are dealing with this issue to listen to the experience of those people who have been doing this for many years. You can build real partnerships with medical institutions and with other non-profit organizations. 

How should the younger generation learn about this, in your opinion?

In an amicable way, children should learn from their parents about such things as HIV infection, love and falling in love. This is the perfect picture. School cannot replace honest, frank conversation with those closest to you. It is important here to strive to ensure that parents are able to establish contact with their children, focusing on their needs, requirements, age. Provided that the parents have real contact with the child, if they are not only interested in assessments. 

No one better than parents will understand at what moment, to what question, with what completeness to answer the child. It is difficult to name the gradation by age to introduce this into the curriculum in schools. But this is not a university, definitely. This should be done earlier.

What is the attitude of the society towards people with HIV now?

There is a formed stamp – “victims”, “people suffering from the disease” and so on. People living with HIV are people like that. If they take antiretroviral drugs, they will die of old age. Moreover, it is a means of prevention. When a person takes the pills, the level of the virus in his blood drops to zero, and he simply cannot physically transmit it to another person. Whether a person takes pills or not, people living with HIV are harmless. 

Back in the late 1980s, at one of the first AIDS conferences, people said they wanted to stop being called “victims.” These are people who are living with HIV. People live fulfilling lives.

What is the situation with people’s awareness? Are there any improvements?

In my opinion, there is not enough information about this, but there is more of it. I cannot fail to note the progress. Even over the past 10 years and over the past year, the attention is evident. There is more of this topic, they began to publish more, make stories and programs. 

Unfortunately, even more attention is needed because the growth rates are very high (100 thousand people a year). Now it is necessary to invest much more resources, and not only is columbus a hero or villain essay financial, but also human and informational, so that you do not have to invest even more later. We need to be ahead of the curve, but we don’t have time to react adequately and eventually catch up.

Until September 1, 2013, scientific, pedagogical and scientific personnel were trained in the Russian postgraduate school. More than three years ago, it was assigned to the third level of higher education. And discussions on this issue have not ceased to this day. The editorial staff of the Russian Education portal tried to find answers to the most pressing questions.

“If earlier postgraduate studies were the first stage of a scientific career, now it is the last stage of study,” said Gadzhimet Safaraliev, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s Education Committee.

According to the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Nikonov, in recent years, only 20-25% of graduate students have defended their Ph.D. theses. That is, the state subsidizes the training of future scientists, and, as a result, does not receive additional scientific personnel.